Are non-Wiccans welcome to participate in Connect DC?

Connect DC, like most Wiccan groups, is not anti-Christian. People of all faiths and traditions are welcomed to participate in Connect DC rituals.

Many witches practice both Wicca and a wide range of spiritual beliefs including Judaism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Sufi, Hindi, Yoruban, Fon, Santieria, Voodun, Dine, and Greek Orthodoxy to name a few. Additionally amongst pagan and Wiccan practitioners there exist an even wider variety of spiritual practices, beliefs and models.

Who drew the original Connect DC Mandala?

Reyasdottir (aka Reya Mellicker) created the original Connect DC Mandala. Reya at the time was a priestess of Feri and Reclaiming tradition witchcraft. The mandala was displayed on our home page form 1999 till 2006.

The Beginnings of Connect DC

Katrina Messenger was looking for ways to meld her Wiccan spiritual practice with her long-term political activism. In spring of 1998, while in San Francisco for a meeting, she attended the public Spring Equinox ritual put on by the ritual-planning cell of the Reclaiming Collective. She returned home with the idea of starting a public ritual group in DC.

What is Connect DC?

Connect DC is a Wiccan based public ritual group that seeks to heal and transform the city of Washington DC through magic, mystery and celebration.

Our rituals are always free and open to the public.

We have been celebrating magic in public spaces since 1999. Our motto, “Stop, drop, and do ritual”, sums up our philosophy in seeking public and accessible areas to do magic.

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